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Dean's Message

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Prof. Ayça Tekin-Koru

Dean of Graduate School  

Welcome dear students!

Each new semester signifies a period of fresh starts and new possibilities. As we embark on our studies, I, as the dean of the TEDU Graduate School, would like to extend my warm greetings to both our returning and incoming students.

Having been an integral part of TEDU since its inception, I am privileged to have contributed to its developing legacy alongside a remarkable cohort of colleagues who have become cherished friends. The sense of ultimate responsibility and dedication exhibited by these individuals has been instrumental in paving the way for our collective journey.

As a graduate student, I once was standing in your shoes and certainly was not alone there either. I had the privilege of having profound support provided by my mentors, peers, and staff who walked alongside me on my academic path. Their encouragement and assistance have been invaluable throughout my career.

So, permit me to impart one piece of advice for this semester: Be curious, be bold and be proactive to create and sustain your own support network wherever you are. Regardless of the diverse routes that have led you to TEDU, the connections you establish here, both on personal and academic levels, will aid in shaping your identity as scholars, professionals, and world-class citizens.

It is worth remarking that a notable transformation has occurred in graduate education particularly after the pandemic, accelerating innovative thinking and breakthroughs in research and science. In this spirit, we expect our graduate students to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge across various disciplines and develop novel solutions to address today’s challenges. Guided by the ethos of innovation and the responsibility to foster an inclusive society and sustainable practices, we are sure that our returning and incoming graduate students will play a pivotal role in realizing TEDU's motto: "Gateway to an international career."

Against this background, as the TEDU Graduate School, we are committed to foster an atmosphere where every individual can progress in their respective fields and pursue impactful basic or applied research. Our vision is to invest in each student in their professional development and to promote diversity in all its manifestations. Certain initiatives in these respects have been in active progress, while others are set to further evolve in the immediate future.

In closing, whether you are currently a member of our community or contemplating joining us, please know that you are most sincerely embraced and welcomed. I encourage you to explore the opportunities offered within our dynamic and thriving environment. For those considering being a part of the TEDU Graduate School, I urge you to take the time to explore our website and other TEDU platforms, and if feasible, consider visiting our campus.


With the warmest regards,

Prof. Ayça Tekin-Koru