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How to Register


  • Registration of students admitted to graduate programs will be processed by the Registrar’s Office on the dates as announced in the Academic Calendar. Students who have failed to complete their registration within the given window will forfeit their right to register for the program.
  • Students cannot be registered in and attend more than one graduate program simultaneously, except for the graduate programs without thesis. Students who are registered in more than one graduate program simultaneously and failed to declare this are to be dismissed from the program when detected.



  1. Registration petition (Click here)
  2. Certified copy of the undergraduate diploma (for students who had submitted a student certificate as they were graduation candidates during application.)
  3. Official and signed copy of the transcript in a sealed envelope or transcript received through the e-Government Gateway.
  4. English proficiency certificate
  5. Tuition fee receipt
  6. 1 portrait photo
  7. TEDU User Account Creation Form (Click here)



  • Academic Calendar (Click here)
  • Students must arrive at the campus for submitting registration documents and related procedures will be carried out by the Registrar’s Office.
  • TEDU user account information will be sent by the Information Technology Dept. to the email addresses that students have provided in their registration forms.