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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the application requirements?

For each graduate program, please check the program's webpage. The list of programs is here.


2. When is the application deadline?

You can find the application dates here.


3. Do you accept applications for both fall and spring terms?

This differs for each graduate program. Please check the program's website.


4. Are there quotas for each program?

You can find the quotas for each program here.


5. What are the interview dates for graduate programs?

You can find the interview dates here.


6. What are the tuitions for the programs?

You can find the tuition for the programs for the current year here.


7. Can I pay the tuition in instalments?

You can find the tuition payment options for the current year here.


8. Are scholarships available for graduate programs?

You can find information about scholarships here.


9. I am getting an error when logging into the application system. Who can I contact?

You can email about the error message that you receive.


10. What are the English proficiency requirements? What are the required minimum scores?

You can find information about accepted exams and score tables here.


11. Does TED University have an institutional English proficiency exam? When and how can I apply for this exam?

Yes. TED University makes the EPE exam. The exam dates and result announcement dates are in the academic calendar. You should contact ELS to apply.


12. Do I still have to prove English proficiency if I graduate from a university abroad?

Yes, all non-native English speakers need to show proof of English proficiency.


13. Can I still apply if I do not have an ALES score?

Yes, if you can provide a score before the interviews.


14. How can I learn the result of my application?

The accepted candidates are announced here on the date listed in the academic calendar.