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Types of Fellowships

TED University offers several funding options for TEDU graduate students to explore including:

  1. Tuition Scholarship: This scholarship provides 50% or 100% tuition discount for students.
  2. Support Scholarship: This scholarship is for students enrolled in thesis programs who are not involved in external projects. It includes a net payment in exchange for departmental responsibilities.
  3. Achievement Scholarship: Available to students who have excelled in academic performance.
  4. Part-Time Work Scholarship: Offered to students who are not receiving scholarships for external projects, such as those supported by TÜBİTAK.


Additionally, we offer scholarships specifically for TEDU personnel (50% tuition), TEDU graduates (25% tuition), TED Schools graduates (25% tuition), and a dormitory scholarship for free accommodation at university dormitories. A Project Tuition Scholarship is also available for students who do not work outside the university but participate in externally funded projects, providing tuition exemption during the project duration.

Application requirements include specific ALES scores and undergraduate GPA thresholds based on different ranges. Scholarships may be revoked if a student's performance falls below certain criteria, including a low GPA, disciplinary offenses, or involvement in research projects while receiving scholarships. Employment or receiving an offer of employment can also lead to the termination of scholarships.

Overall, these scholarships aim to support students in their graduate studies, promote academic excellence, and provide financial assistance based on various criteria and program-specific quotas.