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Am I Eligible for Application?

Candidates who wish to apply for scholarships, must fulfill these conditions given below;

Tuition Fee and Dormitory Scholarships

  • A minimum graduation GPA of 2.40/4.00 at undergraduate study

Merit-Based Scholarship

  • A minimum GPA of 3.80/4.00 and minimum average of three courses per semester

Merit-Based / Dormitory / Tuition Fee / Part-Time Work Scholarships

  • A minimum standard ALES score of 70.00 (Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education Entrance Exam centrally held by ÖSYS - Measuring, Selection and Placement Center of Turkey) in the relevant score type of the program applied into. (Candidates from abroad may present equivalent international GMAT or GRE scores instead of ALES)

Employee Scholarship

  • At least three years of full-time employment at the University

TED University Alumni Scholarship

  • TED University diploma or graduation certificate

TED Schools Alumni Scholarship

  • Original or certified copy of the high school diploma received from TED Schools



  • Program Areas may establish additional criteria or may require higher levels than the existing criteria for the programs they operate regarding the candidates who are to apply for a scholarship provided that the minimum requirements mentioned above have been fulfilled and that these requirements are previously announced on the website.


  • Scholarships to be awarded to eligible students will be decided on by the Graduate School Executive Board and then by the University Administrative Board, also conferring with the relevant Program Area Directorate.