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Architectural Design Master's Program

The practice of architecture has undergone changes in the light of access to information and data-driven design practices, which brought along defining a particular design process that is integrated with research; namely research by design. The approach that emphasizes design as a research field rather than being the object of research, transforms the knowledge production processes in architecture. Design by research; as a method in architectural education, calls for raising awareness of the developments in research, information and production technologies, crises at global and local scales, socio-cultural and political processes. The aim is the cultivation of critical interpretations and intellectual evaluations, which are fuelled by thinking, producing, and transforming ideas by design.

TEDU Architectural Design Master's program offers a learning environment based on intellectual, methodological and critical processes, in which research and practice are regarded as integral aspects of architectural design. This environment, providing the necessary tools for research by design, strengthens the critical and intellectual ground for architectural practices and offers the necessary research and production setting for the students to produce innovative research and projects that make a difference in the field of architecture and the built environment. The program aims to introduce advanced and up-to-date design skills that can be used by students in their future academic or professional careers.