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Mechanical Engineering Master's Program

Science and technology keep advancing. Continuing education after a BS degree is especially important for engineers in such a fast growing technological environment. Mechanical Engineering MS program with and without thesis options emerged in order to help students gain an in-depth knowledge and perspective on Mechanical Engineering topics.

We would like to teach our students to combine theory and practice and to improve them in terms of scientific and technological knowledge. Teaching methods to design, manufacture and renovate systems composed of several factors including, machines, humans, economical resources, time, energy, knowledge by taking ethics, environment, quality into account is our program’s main purpose.

One of our main aims is to see our graduates in the Research and Development departments of organizations and research centers, as individuals who could improve the research culture of their organization with the help of the technical knowledge they gained in their area of expertise in the MS program.

Several elective courses on Energy, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Manufacturing, Mechanics, Design, Control Systems, Theory of Machines and compulsory course related to Advanced Engineering Mathematics and Numerical Methods are available in the program.