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Urban Design Master's Program

TED University, Master of Urban Design is a 2-year graduate program with thesis in English. The first year of the program consists of a design studio and integrated courses. This integrated structure of the courses enables the program to develop a theoretical, technical and intellectual capacity in the field of urban design. In the second year of the program, students will be working on their master's thesis under the supervision of their instructors. The main purpose of the program is to make theory and practice transitive in the field of urban design; to produce innovative design research and projects; and to strengthen the links between practice and the scientific field. The themes discussed in the studio and design researches form the knowledge basis of the thesis studies. Master of Urban Design aims to develop conceptual frameworks, innovative design languages and creative techniques that can generate formation, identity and action structures in the macro, mezzo and micro scales of the city. The program affirm and pursue ‘design by research’ and ‘research by design’ approaches in a mutual manner. Develop content and form in an interactive way within a spectrum of creative representation techniques. With a space-time-oriented approach, it is essential for the program to create a perspective that can perceive and evaluate the past and the future in a continuous manner, and that can consider the city and space together with its components at multiple scales and in a multi-layered approach. Urban Design Master's Program aims to develop students from different disciplines who are interested in the field at a more advanced level. Supported by seminars, workshops, field trips and exhibitions; a creative studio environment with an international quality is provided in the program. TED University, Urban Design Master's program is primarily open to students of the following departments: City and Regional Planning Architecture Landscape Architecture Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Visual Communication Design Industrial Design Students applying from other disciplines (engineering, sociology, psychology, etc.) can be accepted to the program if they meet the necessary requirements. These students will receive a scientific preparatory education before starting the program.